Excyra Ltd.

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Current Projects

These are some of the projects that Excyra is currently working on or that have been completed.

XTend Business Management Software
XTend provides the project documentation tools required to achieve ISO9001 certification. It enables all users to share and collaborate on projects seamlessly, in the office, at home or on the road. Document revision control and approval/publishing is all handled automatically, and holding the data locally and on our cloud servers provides insurance against hardware failure.
Orbital Energy Gas Turbine DLE Data
Excyra has been working very closely with Orbital Energy in the development of their next generation gas turbine control systems. This software monitors tens of thousands of parameters per second looking for impending problems. Any anticipated issues are sent back to head office for further analysis.
Starship VL
Excyra is developing a virtual reality simulation of deep space travel in user built space ships. Users have the option of creating their own ships or joining fellow crew members aboard a communal vessel. The program simulates an entire galaxy with 100 billion star systems, all of which are visitable by the player ships.

Research Projects

These are some of the research projects that Excyra has recently been working on. These are not intended to be commercial ventures, but our research results and ideas are freely available for others to use and build upon.

Non-Internet network communications
After watching a presentation by Bill Gates about the need for a communications network in remote parts of the world without internet, Excyra developed the open-source VehicleNet protocol which uses cheap electronics attached to local vehicles to swap messages as they drive in and out of range of each other.  This project has the potential to save tens of thousands of lives in the event of a pandemic breakout.


Da Vinci Gaming System
Lamenting the scarcity of arcade cabinets in modern venues we set about designing our own standard. We ended up with an 8 player arcade cabinet and then programmed the games to go along with them. We have made these designs and software freely available to all, with the idea that these machines can be used in restaurants and bars without the normal limitations of copyrighted cabinets.
Pipeline Simulation and Interface
Modern Human Machine Interfaces for control systems are a bit - dull. They are functional but they lack the panache that our movies have told us the future looks like. Our demo for the Los Ramones Pipeline in Mexico pushes these boundaries back and explores what could potentially be the future of Human Machine Interfaces. 
The DARCS control system
Excyra designed the Distributed Augmented Reality Control System to provide NASA with a control system that can be re-purposed for many different tasks. One of the critical aspects of DARCS is the components abilities to communicate with one another and to stream data straight into an astronaut's helmet using augmented reality technology.
Mars Exonet Proposal for NASA
As part of NASA's request for proposals for their Mision to Mars project, Excyra designed and presented an interplanetary network system combining real time data links and slow transfer high capacity data transfer via memory cards.